Norah Jones, Astronaut Piers Sellers Featured in New NASA Spinoff Technology Public Service Announcements

Astronaut Piers
Much of the technology we rely on daily was developed by NASA for space exploration and then adapted or enhanced for use here on Earth. This includes many technologies used in schools, homes, cars, computers and industry. Singer Norah Jones and NASA Astronaut Piers Sellers talk about how some of the agency's outstanding accomplishments in space are used to improve our life on Earth in a new public service announcement available on NASA's website. The duo concentrate on NASA technology that increases production and use of clean energy, fuel efficiency, reduction of carbon footprints, and the study and understanding of climate change.

Also, this year in the holiday movie release "Arthur Christmas," Santa's North Pole turns to technology to deliver billions of gifts around the world. Run by thousands of computer-savvy elves, the North Pole uses NASA-style technology to track gifts being delivered by Santa's high-speed S-1, a giant spacecraft in the shape of a sleigh. "NASA provides industry and innovators with opportunities to bring technology initially developed for space to consumers around the world," said Daniel Lockney, program executive for technology transfer at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

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